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  1. Hi There. No I have not resolved the issue. I have not had a play for a week or so. I will also try moving to the later firmware. Let me know how you go. Cheers
  2. I have tied both 6 and 11, same results, will play some more maybe. Just seems strange that for a month or so its been working great and only in the last week it has stopped work and signal has dropped.
  3. Great thanks. Ok, so it is Transmitting at 18 dBm, I tried various power supplies and opened the box up and ensured the cable was reseated etc. Still I can only connect while in the same room, move out of the room and it drops the signal. any other ideas?
  4. Hi Thanks for the response. I tried 3 different power supplies and same result. Before I start to pull the thing apart is there a guide to how to open the device, Can not see any screws and I can only manage to pop on corner open. Feel like I am going to snap the cover if I pull to hard.
  5. Hi All Before the upgrade to 2.1.0, I had very good range with the pineapple, however now I can not move more then 10 feet away from the device and I lose the signal. I had no issues connecting to the pineapple from anywhere in the apartment but now I lose the signal once I move out of the same room. Before I can also easily pick up 5-10 "victims" who all were in range, now nothing. (l live in a large apartment block). Any ideas on what I should check to see how I can improve the signal. It is all on the defaults, eg channel 11 etc
  6. Thanks for the reply. I ended up picking a 16dBi for $30 in Singapore with a Female connector. Cheers
  7. Hi all. I am looking to use a new antenna on the wifi pineapple. I know I need a RP-SMA connector on the cable but should it be male or female? I am overseas at the moment so do not have acces to the pineapple to check. All the external high gain antennas I have found have RP-SMA female.
  8. Hi, I think you have the share around the wrong way. You should be sharing the network card that is the connection to the internet. In your case it is the Wireless RLT8176. The local connection that is going to the pineapple should not be shared. Thats how mine is set up on Windows 7.
  9. Hi Guys, not sure if it is just me, but since upgrading to 1.0.2, I have noticed the Pineapple now takes at least 4-5 mintues to start up. One I plug it in, the LED flash then only the Power light is on steady and the WPS light is flashing. Anyone else notice this? Before the upgrade it would start in less then 1 min
  10. Hi Guys I have my MK4 configured so the WAN connection is connected direct into my home network for internet access, not using ICS or USB. From the Pineapple interface I can ping www.google.com and tracert etc and all resolves OK. Default route on the pineapple is my home router (192.x.x.x). However, when I connect a client via wifi or LAN, it gets DHCP on 172.16.x.x can ping and resolve DNS to www.google.com (no ping), however, it will not browse the internet. This config was working ok on 1.0.0 but seems to have stopped since upgrading to 1.0.2. Should I be able to use a direct connection to my home internet or do I need to use ICS or USB? From the pineapple all looks OK, it just seems the clients can not get to the internet.
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