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  1. i was thinking of looking for work in the UK. Guess not!
  2. was on firefox since the beginning but moved to chrome about a year ago. It amazing for me (since its seperate threads/per tab) and is BLAZING fast. The only time it crashes on me is on craptastic pages. Chrome/chromium ftw! (btw firefox doesnt like it when i open 60+ tabs throughout the day....600+megs for firefox.exe???)
  3. I wouldn't partition the disk, if its not going to be used with the OS on it too. Partitioning will make it a PIA when you decide to add way to many *.* files on one partition and have a TON of extra space on another. Trust me, not worth it
  4. Oh I remeber the days when I was trying to learn linux. It was crazy! Everyone I that I asked that knew the OS just responded with 'omg im so leet your not...figure it out'...and that was my friend telling me to use it! (WTF!). He told me to start with slackware.....wtf. But anyway! I lived with a Mac fanboy (programmer for apple) and a linux nut (managed a linux server farm).....and there was me using both winXP/2000/7 and various flavors of linux with an iphone.....you can start to see the picture when computers/electronic companys were brought up in convo....it turned to a blind sh*tstorm quick everytime. After sitting them down one day I got them to come to realize the only reason they "hated" the other OS was due to their lack of knowledge of it. The only reason I hate on an OS/company is usually to do with practices (removing apps from the app store, ect) (my $0.02)
  5. smoking and trying to quit for about 5 years now. usually smoke Marlboro reds or P-Lights. Although I will never give up good cigars (usually JR knockoffs)
  6. i speedboard. tried trick boards...gave up.......got a carbon fiber speedboard running 66mm bocas, and now im doin 50mph past traffic. more fun. gets around faster
  7. lol no of lazyness. cant play video if you dont got anything beyond arch-core && ubuntu's new ISOs are all apparently broken???? and win7 is noob for now. i like it but i hate it.....not sure yet. WAY better then vista but >linux. been having trouble adjusting to all the new layouts of stuff since the change from old style. Dont like it so i dont boot it all that often + darn conficker virus from friends camera crashed my only Win7 laptop
  8. yea i know just lazy to download. been running on CLI (links for web) for awhile cause X11 (GUI) takes to long to download + ive been busy with work like crazy
  9. Dubstep is awesome (try Sierre Leon Mt. Eden) Hardstyle is good too but can be a bit much over extended periods of time (for me at least)
  10. idk if i can see a point to that...no x86 like metatron said...also wayyy to much money for what you get....rather use my phone
  11. What happened???? I havent had flash for a few weeks...(arch=broken ubuntu 9.10 all ISO corrupt win7=noobs). so....hakhouse is done-zo?
  12. My name is John aka slayer9019 or sl4y3r Favourite game: Forza 3 Favourite OS: Arch -openbox -tint2 Favourite console: Xbox 360 (no mod yet!) Nationality: American Accent: English (NYC Metro Area) Sex: Male Race: White European Height: 5 11 ft Build: Muscular Favourite band: Cannibal Corpse/Whitechapel/Slayer Favourite book: Art of Deception Favourite author:Kevin M. Favourite movie: Pulp Fiction Favourite director: Quiten Tarinitino Favourite TV Show: Sons of Anarchy Favourite actor: Edward Norton Favourite actress: Natalie Portman Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba Favourite Comedian: Lewis Black Other hobbies: Speedboarding/UNIX-unix based/modding/car builds/photography/beer reviews Car: Current POS 87 accord 5-speed Occupation: UNIX Admin
  13. lololol....i probably have a few to take the cake. Got 'em written down at home..will share when back from work. One for the time being. (One avoidable problem is the computer is unplugged but nobody will listen to you because they think they are smarter then that.) Them:My computer wont turn on......what should i do Me:Is it plugged in? Them:Of course it is....im not that stupid....i took *insert course here*....I know what Im doing its probably a virus Me:It might be plugged in upside down Them:.........Oh yea it is....its started now ^^^ YOU CANT PLUG IT IN UPSIDE DOWN!!! ^^^^^
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