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  1. I currently operate the Alfa AWUS036H 2Ghz adapter. Does anyone have any recommedations for a newer modem for BackTrack PenTesting which has both bands 2 & 5Ghz? What should I look for as fas as specs?
  2. I have a network rack that has round holes which are used to mount the hardware into the rack. Does anyone know what the hardware is called or where it can be found for a rack with ROUND holes vs. the square found on most racks. I have resorted to using nuts and bolts.
  3. I am playing with Python 2 and developing a few scripts and I have seemed to have hit a wall with the following: Is it possible to have a python script run in the background on Windows and if an event occurs pop up a notification on the desktop? Anyone know how to do this? Also, is it possible to send an email from a script in response to an event in a python script?
  4. With no prior ROOTing experience I am interested in ROOTing a new Android Samsung Exhibit II cell phone with a few questions: #1 What concerns should I have if any performing such a task? #2 Are there safe sources for software to ROOT my phone? #3 I would imagine that there must be some malware infected ROOTing software out there what should I watch out for? Any other advise would be appreciated.
  5. Hmm. I saw a guy on YouTube using a Nokia N900 Smartphone to scan for WIFI and Bluetooth via Linux I believe. Do you have any opinions on this unit? And I am wondering if I would be able to operate the Linux or OS on this phone without having service to it.
  6. Anyone have any recommendations for a portable handheld (around pocket size) device that I can install Linux (BackTrack5) on that has built in: Bluetooth WIFI (promiscuous mode capable) Built in keyboard Prefer a non cell phone unit. Any ideas?
  7. The Surveillance system is a stand alone unit which I think may be running Linux. It connects to the LAN via RJ45 and through the menu system and only seems to offer alarm triggered snapshots via email. I do not want to transmit out of the LAN any photos through the WAN/ISP to my email servers outside the LAN only to return to the LAN. I want to keep the Surveillance system isolated on the LAN with no access to the WAN and be able to host a email server on a local machine that would receive the Surveillance emails which I could later access via email client.
  8. I am looking for an SMTP server so that email sent on the LAN via the Surveillance System can be received by a Windows 7 box without the emails (pictures) being sent out in the wild WAN. Any ideas/recommendations?
  9. I am currently working on the audio side of my surveillance system and would like to add on a panel that would show meters indicating the audio levels of each microphone with the possibility of having a system where when the audio level goes above a set threshold a light/led would light in a panel. I will need at least 8 indicators and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to if there is already a unit like this out there or would I have to build this out?
  10. Good idea. I have zero experience with antenna's, would you have any recommendations for a YAGI WIFI antenna? Seemed like the initial one I was looking at had a USB WIFI built on to it, I really would prefer being able to hook up the new antenna to my Alfa.
  11. Anyone out here have experience with this antenna and if so how would you rate it? NextG USB-Yagi Plug & Play 11N Long Range WiFi antenna 2200mW http://www.amazon.com/NextG-USB-Yagi-Range-antenna-2200mW/dp/B0044D7J1W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1311916794&sr=8-1
  12. I know Windows Media Center has command line options to start items directly such as go directly to videos or TV however, I can't seem to locate information on how to set up Windows Media Center so that when it is started it goes directly to the Netflix application. Anyone know how to do this?
  13. I have been using MS Visio to design/map Computer, Surveillance & Audio Video systems for a while now and wonder is there a better way or software that I could use for this? I would like to have something that would update links/changes on multiple pages without having to do this manually. Any ideas/recommendations?
  14. OK, thanks for the tips. I will most likely try this card or one similar and if I have trouble I guess I can just leave my original card in or buy a matching new one.
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