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  1. Electrical grounding is a must, if the new case is metal, it MUST be grounded properly. You could probably skimp a little on the airflow as you're probably not going to be using that much power, but make sure air can flow in and out.
  2. An amplifier on the transmitting side will not add any appreciable noise and will increase the signal strength. I would not reccomend a very high gain antenna on the transmitter because they tend to be directional, which would be useless to you.
  3. I think reducing the accuracy of the time from seconds to maybe every 10 seconds would be a good idea, also try appending a salt to the time before hashing it.
  4. Nothing that has to do with the CPU, without details on exactly what he's doing, i'm gonna assume its his connection speed.
  5. seeing as it's no really breaking a sweat i doubt a multi-threaded version would help. You're being limited by something else that isn't your CPU.
  6. Keltha

    Hacking WoW

    I highly doubt the password is sent in plaintext lopez
  7. As you're using it to connect guest laptops, amplifying it will probably have no effect whatsoever
  8. I'm curious to know how you booted him off shonen, ARP poison to nowhere, DHCP poisoning?
  9. Only possible solution i can see if they're using a system that isn't a complete piece of crap is to have a server on the other side that you own. If it is a complete piece of crap all you have to do is change the port that bit-torrent uses to 80, you cannot fool the router, if it thinks you're connecting on port 80, it will send everything to port 80. There's a reason why they block bit-torrent, you're sharing an internet connection with everyone else.
  10. Various manufacturers sell access points that use frequencies other than that of the Wi-Fi standard, such as Ubiquiti. Just use one of those instead, they won't be able to detect it unless they are searching for these APs specifically,also, if you have time to plug the phone in and manage to hide it with a Ethernet and power cable trailing out of it, you probably have enough time to install something
  11. I can't help but correct you on this, but firewire is nowhere near being considered a high speed bus, topping at around 900 Mbits. Its slower than PCI, which is still nowhere fast enough to share system resources
  12. "school assignment" "breaking this MD5 hash" "credit in my class for your amazing skills " Honestly? If you want help, you don't need to lie about it.
  13. Wiretapping using EMI is possible, but if you can get close enough to use EMI without spending hundreds in equipment, you could probably just splice the cable
  14. As long as the specs are similar (current handling and other things) it should be fine
  15. You can't buffer overflow the audio in because the analog to digital converter physically can't output values large/long enough to overflow. I might be wrong tho, my knowledge of buffer overflows isn't that great.
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