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  1. I too just recently posted. (daem0ninflux) It's not a very active forum. Did you hear back from the developer? not to hijack the forum. Enjoy the effort to correlate everyone's efforts! I plan on getting grub to bootload to syslinux so I can have my Multipass that chains to Katana. So hard to divide myself up between this and jasager :P
  2. Natural Selection 2 (Already pre-ordered) HL2:EP3 Loved the sniper update so far in TF2.
  3. done with finals, got my fon+ ready to hack and looking forward to the release of jasager on piranha! I'm going to try out Alpha 3 later today. This firmware seems promising having all complied together! Great job guys!
  4. guys ever try gaming in vista? ^sucks up the RAM
  5. ^bump! I believe I made a mistake. I can get referrals for an addition 3GB, totally 5gb. I have 2.8gb so If i can get 2 more referrals I can see if I go over the 3gb. Thanks for those who have already!
  6. I would prefer a 2 tiers monitor setup. this one will make ur neck hurt. or ur swivel chair will burn up! Backup power to that will last u 5 minutes. Just enough time to shut everything down lol Seriously though, it's nice and clean, organized and I would love to have it, just would change things around. -and maybe toss in another monitor.
  7. I hear ya BitHunter. I like the idea of cloud computing, but hate the fact your data is with 3rd party people. Just want to have my own server that I can sync to. But I guess that's called network shares with a nice web gui.
  8. Haha, reality check! when im done with school this semester, im def. starting up a blog. Thanks for the one referral I got so far! 3 more to get 3gb!!
  9. Awesome! I heard about this from Squire and wish I got to see it. Thanks Sharik.
  10. Hey guys/gals, I've been using DropBox for a lot of file storing for my college courses and I just found out about a referral program them have going. http://www.getdropbox.com Free to sign up, you get 2gb to start and 250MB per referral. (up to 3gb) And the person who registers also gets 250MB. I know it's not a whole lot, but they use a client side app for their cloud and its just nice to use. https://www.getdropbox.com/referrals/NTgwMTMyOQ click there if you want to sign up and help a fellow hakstalker out! Thanks guys, ZesteR
  11. Wow man, you are like one step ahead of me. I'm taking a CCNA class now and working with a program that always me to learn the IOS. www.routersim.com IK not cheap. GL with your studies and at work, they won't let me touch our 1841's :\
  12. http://forvo.com/word/jasager/ You can listen to the lady actually say it. Pretty cool.
  13. What format are your USB devices? What are they? USB Flash Drives? If they are FAT32 or NTFS, I had to "Safely Remove Hardware" in Windows before I was able to mount them in Linux. Not sure if that's your problem.
  14. I have flood lights that always kick on no matter where u are on teh driveway. but the problem/attach happened during the times between 8am and 10am this morning. nice camera! but a lil out of my price range. I was looking at some on newegg for 50-70 range.
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