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  1. who removed all the entries on the google doc?
  2. This better be getting a bump on the next episode, its so clean! :ph34r:
  3. Any chance you can create a .torrent for your casper-rw? When I try to create mine it always ends up being 0 bytes and thus mkfs.ext3 won't run on it
  4. title Windows Keys cat /Windows-installs/keys.txt pause configfile /menu.lst Has been added to the master list. By the way, its editable by the public. Waiting on me isn't necessary. This is great by the way, this list is progressing really well.
  5. Alright, so since the 5x24 thread is so crowded, I decided to create this thread to compile all of the **WORKING** boots. These are not Grub2 computable, this is for legacy Grub1. The best way to do this is a group-viewable google doc (any other suggestions...please suggest) The format for posting additions to this thread: Name of IMG/ISO/App Notes -- the config -- if possible, put the tree This will be posted here, and then after it has been added to this thread, add it to the google doc. As of 11:30, Aug 26, most of the code has been taken from Psychosis (Thanks al
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