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  1. I'm wanting to take an idea from this TED talk, which talks about converting information into a form that the brain can decode and understand subconsciously, and apply it to gaming. I think I'm going to want to view RAM in real time, convert it locally on the computer, and then ship it off to an Arduino which will then output it to vibration motors. I want to experiment with: A) Dumping all of the RAM in real time to an Arduino to spit out on vibration motors, and B) Dumping only the RAM for specific processes I've seen RAMMap, but that looked more like a RAM analyzing tool, not something that could view RAM in real time to be exported to an Arduino. Does any one have any ideas on how I can view RAM in realtime? If you have thoughts on any other part of the project, let me know! Thanks!
  2. So, who's gonna be getting this monster of a processor? https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/15/intel-could-be-about-to-release-a-very-expensive-core-i9-cpu/
  3. Amazon Lightsail is a great option. https://amazonlightsail.com/?sc_channel=PS&sc_campaign=acquisition_US&sc_publisher=google&sc_medium=lightsail_b&sc_content=lightsail_e&sc_detail=amazon lightsail&sc_category=lightsail&sc_segment=179121286450&sc_matchtype=e&sc_country=US&s_kwcid=AL!4422!3!179121286450!e!!g!!amazon lightsail&ef_id=WLEE1wAAAF4-gjd5:20170516005033:s
  4. Tickle me impressed/excited to try it out!
  5. I think I'm missing something here, but how does this improve upon the current DumpWiFi Creds payload?
  6. I'm curious as to whether anyone has ported Fluxion to the pineapple. I could see that being a really easy and quick tool to set up and use on the pineapple if it were a module. I haven't tried making any modules yet myself, mainly due to lack of time, but how hard to y'all think it would be to port it to the pineapple? https://github.com/wi-fi-analyzer/fluxion
  7. Sixth!
  8. I was scrolling through some forums trying to figure out a silent way to run scripts, and I found someone talking about how you can setup a file on the disk that windows will automatically run as soon as it finds the file. I can see this being an awesome feature / ability to have, where instead of having to open up the run dialogue and printing code, the victim already has instructions to run a predefined file on the BB. I'm assuming you could spoof a dvd drive the same way you could a keyboard, or a mass storage device, but there might be complications seeing as most dvd drives are hard wired into computers and don't connect through usb. I know some machines come setup to ask you what you want to do with the disk, but I've used several computers that don't require you to do anything, and the auto run programs on the disks will just run. Anyways, I think if this could happen, this would be a huge advantage and we'd be able run scripts soo easily on victims.
  9. Dude, you're profile pic is lit

  10. I'm not a genius in the field, but yes, I'd assume that there would have to be some iptables trickery involved. Either that or port forward the traffic through your LT to the port on your kali box? lmk if you get it working!
  11. Hey all, I'm looking to buy a LT, but I had a few questions, and wanted your guys' thoughts on the ups/downs of the LT. My first question is heat management. Does this heat up? If so, has it ever become a problem for anybody? I'm somewhat concerned because my Bash Bunny get pretty hot if you leave it running for too long. Second, for those who have been apart of the community since the beginning of the LT, what's module development looked like? Is the community active? or have things stalled? I ask this because I'm wondering if there are projects that I can contribute too, when I get a LT. Thirdly, what has your guys' experience with the LT been? Good/Bad? Inbetween? How often do you guys use it? Thanks!
  12. payload

    I'm pumped to try it out! As an fyi, I'm going to work in my spare time on completely hiding the PowerShell window so the target will only see the Win + R box.
  13. payload

    I have no experience with either, though I'm wanting to do a project that involves them. What are the advantages of an http webserver vs a smb server?
  14. payload

    In regards to hiding the window, it does that already.