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Found 8 results

  1. I have a question can the c2 platform allow for instance, you've got pasword or other hashes and send them to gpu on the c2 server to break them, or some other cpu/gpu grunt work I should be able to do it using a shell on the vmserver passing 2 k2 grids nvidia cards to it in an ESXi based machine ( Thanks Matt circa 2009) can this be done just using c2 interface etc can it be added ??
  2. I have a couple of wishes for C2, not sure how difficult they would be to implement. 2FA - self explanatory. It would be great if it can be used with Duo, or Authy, or Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. SSH to the local server that C2 is running on. Sometimes it might be useful. Disk space check for the server that C2 is running on. Since we can upload our Loot to the C2 server, might be good to keep an eye on disk space easily in the web interface. Anyone else have any more ideas?
  3. To the Hak5 staff, would you consider distributing Cloud C² binaries that will run in Alpine Linux, which is "built around musl libc and busybox" instead of glibc? Alpine uses only a fraction of the storage/ram of other Linux distro's, which is particularly interesting for Docker containers (and Alpine also has some additional security measures). Thank you for considering. https://alpinelinux.org/about/
  4. It would be awesome if I could manage my wifi pineapples modules/payloads from cloud C2. Obviously this would be true of the other supported devices as well.
  5. Often I’ll see a pertinent post and I wish I could star or favorite that post to come back to later. Not really interested in creating a folder in my bookmark manager. I primarily use a mobile device for web browsing and if the feature already exists, just not applicable to mobile devices; Is there a way to be served up the desktop site?
  6. Hi there, as other users already reported, payloads may get removed from the bunny since AV's can detect it when you are running in storage mode. One way to overcome this should be to simply not tell the target these payloads exist. It would be really nice if you could define your own filters to also hide other files the target shouldn't see in first place, like social engineering. Is this feature possible or is there a risk the target may overwrite the files hidden? VincBreaker
  7. I was scrolling through some forums trying to figure out a silent way to run scripts, and I found someone talking about how you can setup a file on the disk that windows will automatically run as soon as it finds the file. I can see this being an awesome feature / ability to have, where instead of having to open up the run dialogue and printing code, the victim already has instructions to run a predefined file on the BB. I'm assuming you could spoof a dvd drive the same way you could a keyboard, or a mass storage device, but there might be complications seeing as most dvd drives are hard wired into computers and don't connect through usb. I know some machines come setup to ask you what you want to do with the disk, but I've used several computers that don't require you to do anything, and the auto run programs on the disks will just run. Anyways, I think if this could happen, this would be a huge advantage and we'd be able run scripts soo easily on victims.
  8. Hi there, I got my bunny today and while developing a payload to drop my meterpreter onto the computer, it actually got detected by my AV and deleted from the storage. At that point, I remembered a pretty boring defcon talk I once saw showing a device able to block every write / delete on an usb stick. Further it allowed to filter the data to get passed to the os so you can ultimatively hide any files until you need them which can be especially useful when you have a stick with multiple exploits / payloads on it and some of them may trigger the AV but are not necesserily needed at one stage or your usb stick get's checked when walking into a facility while pentesting (actually happened to me once :/). So I'm kindly requesting an extension to the API which: Allows to block every write to the usb stick. Allows to filter every read / write from / to the storage. I would suggest the visitor pattern, but I guess it is not compatible to bash :( Yours sincerely, VincBreaker
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