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Interview with Alex Albract/geekquad


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Hello all, tosay, on Hak5 radio at: http://www.room362.com:8000/listen.pls,I called Alex albract on his number (will not list) and here is the near 5 minute interview http://tacex.myvnc.com/alex_albract-by_spektormax.mp3 We may have a more "proper proper" interview with him later on hak5 radio (pending mubix aproval), we later interviewd geek squad


as well as


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That's pretty funny.

The most hilarious aspect is that you actually speak english.

So, I guess you really do put effort into typing like an idiot. That really must stress the brain after a while...Trying to come up with a new, different way to spell something incorrectly.


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