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did you manage to get so powerful, now i know you know the game inside out but wtf? 465 strenth? yet you still have 564867 gold?!

is it the gems? you only have 3! HOW?! and are you going for the dragon soon? 3 more levels

http://roguehart.zxq.net ive typed up my secrets there

as far as my str goes. player fights award 2, all gems i get goto strength since vitality builds on its own, and the gold comes with the level. 20,000+ gold per kill. gonna run through it real quick and try to get the gameplay out of the way now lol


and sweet. got a topic all about me :P

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ive read that, you said take the gems to the bartender? which one? the one in town says GTFO and the other i just got your info :P. how much XP to level?

the one in town only says gtfo if your lvl 1 or 2 i believe. or maybe you have to kill someone

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He gets lots of XP from killing higher up ppl... so I've been dying in teh forest. ;) Lose 10 percent, but still gain some everyday. Roguehart, look out!

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Good tips. I had no idea about jennie or being able to use special abilities against higher level characters. Sadly every time I login everyone is already dead. What do you do, login every hour to check?

well snubs and deaddata are the only ones i really attack. so i save my player fights till later in the day. log in about twice around 10pm. deaddata is strong enough to live against snubs so i get to kill him. last time i got 200k xp lol

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