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So I was thinking, if you turn an eeepc on its side (and rotate the screen to match using Intel's graphics drivers), the LCD looks like like an oversized PDA screen... Then I started thinking about emulators... hrm... TI84 emulator? Cybiko emulator? Windows Mobile emulator? Palm emulator? OpenMoko and Android emulators... maybe even an iPhone emulator? There's an idea... these would all work great with a touchscreen mod, right?

So then my mind wandered some more... what else is small and has touchscreens... a Nintendo DS. Now, the problem here is that the eee only has one screen. What if, though, you did the touchscreen mod, then you took another small LCD, a Lilliput, for instance, and mounted that above the main LCD? Better yet, if you clipped it over the keyboard. The eee can run dual monitors, so surely if you hooked the Lilliput up to the VGA port (and USB for the touchscreen), gave it some juice, then ran a suitable DS emulator, you'd have an oversized DS?

I'm just thinking out loud here, of course, but who wouldn't want a double-sized DS? :D

Edit: ...and even if you didn't want a double sized DS, you could always use the Lilliput to make my previous idea, a clip-on tablet mod for the eee, where you would close the lid, hook the Lilliput up and clip it on the lid of the closed eee and you'd have a warranty-saving eee tablet! Same could be achieved with a PSOne screen, too, if you performed the VGA mod on one and picked up an appropriate touchscreen overlay for it. Then again, who says it has to be a tablet? Why not clip it to the side of the eee's lid so you could have dual monitors on the move?

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well the main issue is that ds emulators right now are very buggy and take an incredible amount of power to use. to give an example i can run fear on my computer with a semi-playable framerate. but i actually get about 1 fps with the ds emulators ive tried. a EEE standard has less power than my machine if im not mistaken. if you could give it a good upgrade it might make a cool oversized ds lol

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Seems that Microsoft is hot on your trail.

Engadget: Microsoft-research-codex-project-tries-two-screens-on-for-size/

Although they didn't use the Eee PC as the case, MS did boast that their version could allow the positions of the screens to be reconfigurable. I think there's something in this idea, since the device can fold open to reveal almost double screen size.


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Hah, bastards! Really though, I'd have to be shown what benefit dual screens in a portable device would have though (beyond gaming, to discount the DS). I suppose the advantage over a bit laptop is it can have the same screen size but can fold to be easier to store.

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