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  1. twocs

    Discord encryption

    I forgot another issue. While running in the background, Discord keeps track of all the processes on your computer. They claim not to transmit that log back to their servers, but given the closed aspects, we don't know.
  2. twocs

    Discord encryption

    Isn't it weird for ThreatWire to have a Discord server? Everything gets proxied through Discord to enable searchable logs. It just creates so many questions for me. What was wrong with IRC? Why choose one of the few chat systems without end-to-end encryption? Due to its architecture, Discord is prone to a number of other vulnerabilities that are not really fixable. https://blog.trendmicro.com/trendlabs-security-intelligence/chat-app-discord-abused-cybercriminals-attack-roblox-players/ It has a stance that it actively prohibits user modified Discord clients like "Better Discord" that allow for themes (or encryption). Discord is not open source so is not verifiably secure. https://stallman.org/discord.html The "spyware level" of Discord is extremely high. So, is Discord's popularity just more important than ThreatWire's security? I've looked at Hak5's forum and cannot find anyone supporting the use of Discord except someone championing this popularity argument.
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  4. #Taiwan says hi to Hong Kong.