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What do i do!?!?!


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Is this really a topic?

So you want to cut her off because you screwed her, probably fucked with her head because girls start thinkin crazy things when you sleep with them, and now you want to cut her off because you changed your mind. Because she's overweight.

Well.. good luck.

If she does key your truck (cuz she ends up being crazy), I'll understand if you get pissed, but I wont feel sorry for ya.

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Because women never fuck guys around. Of course.

With regards to the topic, grow some balls (wait...) and grow up. Shit, as VaKo said, does happen (just be thankful that it wasn't shit that happened here if you catch my drift. Ja, der lederhosen).

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After reading this, I feel (conditionally) sorry for that girl. If this were me, it would all depend on her personality. If she's a nice person, tell her the truth. If she's a hosebeast, then cut her off like a bad mole.

But I 2nd Xarf's post. Just tell her you're not ready for a relationship, because you want more shallow sex with other girls. This usually works fine.

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