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Hak5 HL spray.


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Just sharin the love...


Original size.



Original size.


Hak5 Spray.


Update 09/14/08

Been busy, made a new animated Hak5 spray.

Hak5 Spray


Will try a couple of different variations, also want to make an animated Noob Lube. :lol:

Fritze Out.

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It was quick job, cut and paste and just used the ingame import funct.

Need to make a nice one, maybe some animation.

Depends how ambitious I get, lol.

Need to include the url.

Sad thing is I have issues with CS on my rig, not sure I could make the LAN game.

TF2 works fine, just some HL2 games do not.

Fritze Out.

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sweet! i like these :D it'd be awesome if i was in some random server and someone used one... ha!

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