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HR Geeks Meeting 757 area of Va


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Just wanted to let everyone know of the upcoming hrgeeks meeting in the 757 area of va.

The meeting takes place every 2nd Thursday of each month at Kelly's @ Pembroke Mall in va beach around 7pm.

Usually there are about 15-20 people there, all geeks, security professionals, few chicks, beer, and good discussions/rants, upcoming projects, cons, etc.

If anyone wants to stop by all are welcome, usually if the weather is nice people are either on the outside with a bunch of tables pushed together, or either up stairs same scenario.,

Thanks, more info is at hrgeeks.com website. http://www.hrgeeks.com/


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Damn, Pembroke is really far away. :(


It's about an hour, maybe hour n 15mins from you guys, it's been awhile since I was up there in Williamsburg.

I should be getting there actually on time tonight, had to re-arrange my schedule a little bit. I know telmnstr is working on some laser thing, which may lead to something for the next shmoocon.

Chris, hate to see that you are moving to Richmond, that's not too far away thou..

See everyone there,


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