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  1. so this may be old, or something new but i recently saw some interesting technologies while browsing the net. 1st was the interactive mirror, http://www.blog.litstudios.com/ 2nd was http://stantum.com/, using multi-touch .......... worth a look i guess.
  2. Looks like some of the presentations from last week's 2008 OWASP NYC AppSec Conference are being posted. Here is the link for the page. Basically your typical Con layout of presentations, some videos/slides are available for download and looks like they are planning on getting most of everything available by the end of October. ;) some of the topics included was the clickjacking vulnerability and others etc..
  3. Well, my roommate has just started P90X and I did a little of that, i just started working out this week, hoping to lose 20 lbs in next 5 months or so... besides that I also just started going to a local gym, lifting weights, and some cardio. Guess now I am gonna have to cut back on the beer drinking some..lol
  4. haha, that is kinda cool. Guess the best option would be to refrain from doing in kind of messaging/chatting on the phone/computer etc while intoxicated.... :)
  5. hmm, i don't really listen to alot of music usually various people streaming from irc channels, anywhere.fm etc, i usually browse away from mainstream canned music and also it depends on the mood, sometimes old skool joints do the trick. Besides that i listen to alot of podcasts/iptv.......... gotta be the geek in me.. :P
  6. heh, well finally I thought I would add my list: this is not my complete list i frequent but a good starter :P 1. http://www.cryptome.org/ 2. http://www.sploitcast.com 3. http://www.hak5.org 4. http://www.binrev.com 5. http://www.irongeek.com 6. http://www.astalavista.com/ 7. http://www.slashdot.org 8. http://www.sans.org/reading_room/ 9. http://www.net-security.org/ 10. http://www.openalpha.tv/ 11. http://www.experts-exchange.com 12. http://www.wikileaks.org/ 13. http://gohackers.org 14. http://www.hackerpublicradio.org/ 15. http://hackermedia.org/ 16. http:/
  7. Indeed this has been getting alot of press lately. I haven't found too much info on it recently, but will update again then. Currently checking all the podcast links/blogs for more info. <_<
  8. The Hacker's Choice, a non-commercial group of computer security experts, has released a video showing a cloned passport being approved by a security scanner at a Dutch airport. When the reader scans the passport it is revealed to belong to one Elvis Aaron Presley, complete with picture. A blog poston the site explains that the "attack makes it possible to copy, forge and modify the data so that it is still accepted as a genuine valid passport by the terminal." However, the scanner is not the same type used at actual border controls, so it is unclear whether this tool could actually be use
  9. more info on the whole thing can be found Explaining the “New” TCP Resource Exhaustion Denial of Service (DoS) Attack by Fyodor and http://blog.robertlee.name/.
  10. walcy


    Anytime man, actually Squidly is a chick..lol But she has done lots of stuff on all the psp stuff, if you google squidly schlepping er something like that can find stuff on one of her sites, also now i remembering Jenn Cutter might of done some stuff like that too....... ;)
  11. walcy


    I've got a friend that has done some psp *upgrades* over the years and spoken at a few conferences, here is there site about psp stuff, http://haksys.schleppingsquid.net/?cat=2
  12. Yeah, It's about an hour, maybe hour n 15mins from you guys, it's been awhile since I was up there in Williamsburg. I should be getting there actually on time tonight, had to re-arrange my schedule a little bit. I know telmnstr is working on some laser thing, which may lead to something for the next shmoocon. Chris, hate to see that you are moving to Richmond, that's not too far away thou.. See everyone there, Walcy
  13. hehe, yeah someone just sent me this in irc, so had to post, http://kuvaton.com/bshit/1220360595652.jpg
  14. i starting watching from season 1, i kinda know jon, harrison, mubix, and everyone else... i think i fell into the mix, from my last job, met some people down in norfolk, va and from hrgeeks, and fell into the podcast scene with sploitcast, and stuff like that, or it might ah, been from a previous con like shmoocon,err uhm carolinacon etc.. I am not hardcore like most of everyone else althou, i do spend my time on the irc from time to time, and helping people in va beach with projects etc. some friend were killing time one night, was supposed to be a teaser video for shmoocon 08, but neve
  15. Yup, tomorrow is the meeting at 7pm @ Kelly's... I will be running late possibly... but there will be atleast 15 people there, just look around look for atleast 5 iphones at one table..lol
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