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Any ideas as to what would cause this server/internet insanity?


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Hey guys,

Can anyone give me an idea as to what would cause a T1 line to max out and my servers to go nuts at the same time? And yet there's no changes in the CPU activity. The only thing that seems to be effected is the internet speeds. My upload speed (which sucks) is three times as fast as my download speed.

I can't tell where the traffic is coming from...or going to.

Any thoughts would be great.



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Someone else on the network sitting in between you and the network? Any update on what the problem was?

Just curious.

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Open wireshark, look to see what is happening.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot. I'm actually starting to suspect one of my laptops. It seems when the network cable is plugged into it, It sucks down bandwidth faster than a fish drinks water. It could be a bad NIC card or something. I'm still testing several theories.

Is there a reason, or is there a way that one IP address would be allowed to suck such bandwidth?

I used that laptop to check out google and run a speed test, and it was receiving packets like mad.

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Are you on a managed switch? take a look at the port stats to see where all the bw is going. If anything else your edge firewall should be able to give you an idea of whats making all the noise.

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