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Workgroup problems


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Having watched this thread I would recommend that you remove ICS and replace it with a cable router. While I've championed ICS as an emergancy measure I would *never* recommend it for a permenant solution. Its a cheap hack at best.

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After reading this thread and going away for a few days here are my thoughts,

1. Time to invest in a NAS or a Samba server.

2. I tried XP Home and Pro networking once, and then thought better of it.

3. Invest in a home domain :D

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Hello everyone once again. Some good news this time. I disabled ICS on the host computer then re-enabled it. I went to the laptop that needs internet and opened up the brower and it worked. No clue how it happened, but it worked.

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The term "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" from "The IT Crowd" comes to mind.

Yeah, sometimes after starting all the right services and settings, you either do a reboot or restart the ICS service on all machines to reload the settings. I usually have "server" and "computer browser" disabled by default as well as ICS and workstation. Once I start all four(Set to automaticly start on boot) I then reboot and have no issues seeing other machines on the lan. Sounds like ICS was hosed on the one machine.

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