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Europeans views on the US


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I'd say the majority of the world probably hates our governments politics and our decisions we made after 9/11, but not so much our country or the majority of the people in it.

These are two different things. If they hated our country and the people as a whole, we wouldn't have so many cultures and people from around the world trying to come live here. Especially at our southern border, where Mexicans cross daily to have a better life than what they have in their own country.

It's our Politics (which I even hate most of the time) that gets us in trouble with the rest of the world. Their views on the US are usually based on our actions outside of our country, because they only know what they see us do on foreign soil or in their native homeland, mostly from a military standpoint.

The people I have met from other countries usually like us for the most part, but often don't get or understand our politics, hate crimes, discrimination, etc, and how our government carries itself around the world. I have to almost agree on all of that. I still don't understand how someone like Bush managed to stay in office as long as he did, or even get elected in the first place. I blame him and the current elected officials for our state of affairs both foreign and domestic. Sometimes we forget that we have problems right here at home, not just abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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