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Crazy English Law (that hopefully won't be passed)


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Who in there right mind would hack a mid to high profile server (as in a populaly used web site) from the UK? There is a high chance of been caught. If you want to brake into high profile servers you move to another country first where laws about computer crimes are very relaxed and do it form there (obviusly). Thus making this law compleatly pointless.

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Interesting - so it seems to relate to those supplying the tools. If sysadmins are to be exempt, couldn't we all claim to be a sysadmin because we all have a system that we administer?

I suppose it's down to intent. Surely it's not (or going to become) illegal for me to do a pen test on *my* system? I realise that it's wrong to penetrate someone else's system without their consent, just as it's not right to connect to someone else's AP. I know there's an argument about someone not securing a home network is simply asking for someone to use it - but I think that's another matter.

What do other Brits feel - if it relates to posession, as well as supply, are you going to get rid of your pen testing software if this comes into action?

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