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Successful *Profitable* Startup Seeks Senior Systems Engineer!


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People Search Media is a young, fast?growing internet marketing company located in downtown Palo

Alto, California (next to Caltrain station).  This is an early stage opportunity for a very senior IT specialist to work on

a state?of?the?art internet marketing infrastructure.  We’re looking for a very smart, highly skilled person

who is able to write or speak at length about his or her credentials in the following areas:

Servers and systems administration

Our core customer applications are running on Windows . Net and SQL Server 2005.  These are secure

ecommerce applications running thousands of daily transactions.  For our internal IT needs we’re using

Linux Gentoo with openLDAP, Samba, Zimbra, OTRS, Subversion, Trac and several other applications

running on stand?alone or VMWare virtual machines.

Our headquarters is in Palo Alto but we have detached users and data centers throughout the world.

Therefore, if you are truly an experienced administrator you’ll understand why we have Juniper

Netscreen, SonicWall and RADIUS UTM Firewall, IPSEC VPN’s, SSL VPN’s, and two?factor secured

communications between sites and users.  You’ll also appreciate our 100Mb fiber connection and

backup failover networks.

All this has been built by over the past year by a small team of incredibly talented and dedicate people

but, we’ve got so much more to do.  We need your help to:

Specify, order, burn?in and build?out dozens of additional servers and scores of desktops and notebooks

(with and without VMWare)

Patch, monitor, backup and build fault tolerance into the whole infrastructure

Help us achieve, maintain and audit our PCI DSS compliance

Add new users and manage our desktop support team

Troubleshoot and solve network performance and connectivity issues

Select tools or write ad?hoc scripts to automate repetitive tasks.

Manage networking systems and hardware including IPSEC VPN appliances and clients.

Deploy strong encryption

Design, test and deploy a disaster recovery plan

Application Support

We build and deploy consumer web applications incredibly fast.  Our Tech Czar and VP of Software

development need someone they can implicitly trust to install, administer and support servers running

. NET applications, IIS and Microsoft SQL server.  We also need to make sure our developer’s local,

hosted and co?located environments running Visual Studio are available and stable as they sprint to

their next release (we use Scrum methodologies).  These folks along with the QA team are dealing with

explosive growth of our customer base.  We can’t afford to have them waiting around for flakey

equipment or broken communication links.


On this job you’ll learn a ton about how high performing, incredibly talented people excel in the field of

internet marketing.  You’ll also have a once?in?a?lifetime opportunity to make a huge impact in one of

the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area.  But this is not a learn?on?the?job opportunity.  We need

someone who can roll up their sleeves and dive into the dozens of tasks that need to be completed

yesterday.  Here’s what will bring your resume to our attention:


B. S.  in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering or equivalent required.  (Note: Experience

requirements reduced with graduate degree)

Servers and Systems Administration

* 3 to 5+ years experience with Windows Server and SQL Server installation and administration in a

mixed Windows/Linux environment.

* 5+ years experience configuring Windows workstations for senior developers and heavy quantitative

users in a Samba or Windows domain controller environment.

* 3 to 5+ years experience with Linux system administration desirable.  Candidates should be

experienced with building, configuring and tuning a Linux system from the bare?metal up.

*Familiarity supporting Internet and IP?based network services: DNS, SMTP, SSH, HTTP/Web, LDAP,


* 2+ years experience with VMware desktop and server.

* Proven knowledge about internal and external security issues and configuration including, VPN

configuration, strong encryption, backup and disaster recovery methodologies,

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.  We need your systems, policies and procedures

fully documented in order for you to hand your systems off to our desktop support personnel and server

administrators who we’ll hire to support you.


Benefits of working at People Search Media

People Search Media is focused on creating innovative new products and services within the people

search industry.  We're very fast?paced, hard?working, and love to have fun!

We are 100% committed to making a fantastic work environment, which includes the following benefits:

• Located on University Avenue in the heart of downtown Palo Alto, next to Caltrain station

• Perfect team mix of hard?working entrepreneurs, talented engineers, and successful Silicon

Valley veterans

• Comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance

• Frequent Friday Happy Hours and fun team events

• Complimentary beverages and snacks

• Opportunity for attractive stock options and bonuses

• Fulfilling work environment with team of smart, ethical, and passionate “A?players”

• Stable and competitive salary compensation with significant upside potential

Relocation will be considered for extremely talented applicants!

To apply send your resume to: e 1 r i 55 k d 33 j /a/  peoples213ea3r1ch1media.com (remove all the numbers)

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Got no problem with it but be aware that the matters and personnel  mentioned in the above posts have no affiliation with or connection to the crew of Hak5, Technolust Productions or the forum staff. Any consequence of contact with any of the posters in this (or indeed, any other) thread is purely the responsibility of the individuals involved.

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the group you're looking at will never meet your requirements, but good luck.

have you tried craigslist?

I am leveraging all resources, including those who read these forums.  There is a lot of opportunity simply through networking even if the person reading an ad isn't interested, there's always a chance that they know a superstar themselves. 

Thank you for the suggestion.

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