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Desktop Clutter and File Manager.


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I have always have this problem having 263 icons on my desktop. I store files on desktop for easy access, for me its a good place to put both long term and temporary files. About managing of files, I always unintentionally create duplicate files since i can't locate my files on where i just placed it. I tried organizing my files on folder categories, but it doesn't satisfy me. My desktop after deleting a few icons, an hour later it'll be full again. I came across with a website http://www.desktopminds.com. Too bad they don't have freeware versions of their applications. What software would you suggest or any utility that could simplify the task for me so that I wont worry dumping files on my desktop?


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Seriously?  :shock:

Desktop clutter management is like the most basic of oganizational skills. If you need a seperate program to help you organize YOUR desktop, then you should take a self help class on clutter or something along those lines.

Simple fix is just create a folder on your desktop, download and place all the files there. Then place a shorcut to it on your quicklaunch or toolbar and you have fast access to all your important stuff  (without the clutter) both on the desktop and on the taskbar when you have other windows open and can not view the desktop. Windows also has a folder option to "Show in groups" so this makes it even easier to organize files.

This is elementary stuff. If your having this much trouble with something like this what is the rest of your life like? I hope you are not offended but I can't help but wonder what your computer room or house looks like.

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You've taken the idea too lightly, and yeah i do folders.  Infact, I have a lot of folders on my desktop. I have an idea of like having a multiple desktop: each desktop is configured for each work. One desktop for programming, one desktop for games and so on..  I also do quick launches and do shortcuts, groups etc.. I believe.. almost everyone have cluttered desktop if not.. most of us.

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I don't have a cluttered desktop, I turn desktop icons off so I'm not tempted to dump stuff there. Then I arrange folders in my drives properly, so I always know where something it, it's in the logically named folder dedicated to it.

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I like my desktop to be icon-less.

For file organisation I use Salamander

http://www.altap.cz/ - A NC clone.. but the best I have seen this far (and if I come across one, I will test one).

I spend a LOT of time organising, sorting and reorganising files.. and if I am not sure where to put a file (images or stuff) I make a hardlink and put them in 2 dirs at the same time.

(found a nice tool for that)

I was very curious about the new way of organising files that Microsoft promised us with Vista.. and it bummed me that it never made it to the final release..  :?

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