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Hamster and Ferret


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I had the same problem when running vista, what worked for me was to run cmd.exe as administrator instead .

its still not creating hamster.txt for me however.

Are you establishing the man in the middle attack first so all traffic flows through your machine? You will never see anything if you don't do this first.

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The only thing worse than Vista is.......

64 Bit Vista...........

Thats right people, I have it. (unfortunately)

I am just too lazy to put a real os on my new laptop.

Nothing beats the command prompt......


Maybe you just don't know what your doing? 64bit Vista/Server 2008 is damn good, and Server 2008 just replaced FreeBSD as my favorite OS.

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Does anyone know of a similar program that does this other than Wifizoo for Linux??

It doesn't seem to hard to create a proggie like this. You could possibly create a filter with ettercap and setup a proxy to act like hamster does..

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Is there a way to have wifizoo decrypt wep encrypted traffic captured in monitor mode ? As it stands I can only get it to show useful info when encryption is turned off.

Wep is doing its job to keep you from seeing anything. Thats why you can only see it when WEP is turned off. You need to crack wep first to even get on the access point, then once on the access point, run wifizoo while authenticated on the access point to see any traffic.

If you could read WEP traffic before authenticating to the ap, then what use is the encryption in the first place.

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Does any body know if the intel 3954 abg wifi card will work with hamster and ferret? I tried using this tool with that wifi card and I can't find any cookies on firefox except for ones from MY LAPTOP? I am testing with 2 laptops and I can't seem to get it to work.

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