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  1. Good idea. I'll post mine when I get home. Only got a few that work 100% of the time. Others will boot on some comps and not on others..
  2. I've ran into this. The main thing I found wrong was my iso image was corrupted. After putting a working copy of the iso, it booted with no problem. It mostly means that it cannot find the kernel in the ISO or (loop). It Could mean that your iso file is bad, or the path/location of the kernel isn't correct in the grub.cfg. I'm a bit new to grub2, but thats my guess.
  3. I had similar issues to this. Here were my steps to resolve the issue: (IN LINUX) 1. Format the drive FAT32 using fdisk 2. Use grub-install /dev/sdb #be careful you dont do this on your main drive.. After this step, I had different problems, so I went back to windows and did the following: (IN WINDOWS) 3. Run grubinst_gui.exe as mentioned in the episode 4. Copy grldr over and create menu.lst After those four steps, my drive booted properly and I was prompted with the grub menu.. Hopefully this helps. Good luck!
  4. Just want to throw this out there.. If you have a 8GB+ drive and your getting an error "FormatEx Error[11]: An Error Occurred Formating the Drive" even after formatting it FAT32 (as mentioned in the show), you need to download the newer version of PeToUSB v3.0.0.8 (link here). I thought that might save some research time if anyone gets that error.. Good luck!
  5. My school had a web filter and each time the page/request was blocked it would show a request denied kind of page which contained the vendor name/version of the filter. 8e6 was what I found. I then looked through some of the administrative manuals and was able to bruteforce the admin page where i could add my own exceptions in :)
  6. Does anyone know of a similar program that does this other than Wifizoo for Linux?? It doesn't seem to hard to create a proggie like this. You could possibly create a filter with ettercap and setup a proxy to act like hamster does..
  7. When I was in school, they had the same filter. I setup my own proxy server so it would go through my computer at home. Here are the steps I took. If you have knowledge of setting up a IIS web server, this shouldn't be to hard.. 1. Install IIS. 2. Install PHP. 3. Download and follow the installation instructions for PHProxy (http://sourceforge.net/projects/poxy/) 4. Forward port 80 (or whichever port you setup for IIS) on your router.. 5. (Optional) You could setup DynamicDNS (dyndns.org) so you don't have to browse to an IP address each time.. 6. Point your school computer to the hostname/IP address of your home internet and browse away..
  8. I added this into my Pocketknife (start.bat, menu.bat, and the config) and it works like a charm! The chromepass works exactly like the other ones..Only took a few minutes too..
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