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Internet modem failure?


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I have a download limit (12 gig) to which i go over every month and get put back to 64kb/s. But this month i didnt go back to my normal speed i was kept at 64kb/s. So after 8 days of being hug up on and being on hold for 30 minutes i get in contact with my ISP and the tell me that there new system is to blame and that They would put me back to my old speed manualy. so i turn my computer of turn it back on in 5 minutes and no speed. so after numerous more hang ups long waits i get back onto them and they tell me that i should be on my normal speed. After numerous tests later im told that its could be either two thing one is that there are fault codes on my line that are slowing me down and the other is that my modem is rat shit. So my question to you is " What do you think is wrong with my internet and how do i fix it". Both options cost me 100 dollars but if i choose the wrong one first it'll be 200 dollars and if they both dont work it'll be 200 bucks down the drain and more money.  so has anyone had this problem? I've reset my modem, isolated my line to run directly from my phone line to my computer on really short cables, I dont have another modem i can borrow to test it with. I've tried everything that they told me with no luck.

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DSL i assume? Get a new DSL router from Linksys or simlar. If the CPE they provide is shot, nothing you can do about it really. The other thing to do is ask to speak to a supervisor the second you hit a human.

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Have you tried using an alternate for DNS? I use OpenDNS and my speeds have increased slightly and have less problems with being blocked by Comcast on certain things we wont speak of...


Still, your ISP may throttle your connection, but I upgraded my Modem(it was an old docsis 1.0 and failing) and this also gave me like 30times the normal throughput I was getting before. My downlaods went from 700-1200kbps to 25-30000kbps.

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If the DSLAM is only giving you limited speeds how will improved DNS resolution times help you?

What i suggest is unplugging your modem over night, if its still limited when you plug it in again then the modem or your isp is at fualt. Get a new modem or router and try that instead. if that still fails, you should call your isp and demand a line test.

can you give us more detail about the conversations you have had regarding this matter with your isp?   

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