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Hmmm not really what im after say i have "string x" and x=snakey how do i use the a as a seperate string. So i'll have int x = snakey then i'll make int y which will = a.

P.S. i dont no what x is at the start it gets entered as an input and i use each letter individually if that helps any.

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I'm sure there's a built in function for it, I have done it in Java, but not C++, sorry.

    string str1( "Alpha Beta Gamma Delta" );
    unsigned int loc = str1.find( "Omega", 0 );
    if( loc != string::npos )
      cout << "Found Omega at " << loc << endl;
      cout << "Didn't find Omega" << endl;

That does what you want on the side... just change the "Omega" to the character, and use the character position that is returned to substring(Java) whatever you want out.

Read under the "find" command here:


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