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Not going to be around much.


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I don’t think anyone will notice but from next week I will not be around much as I will be working out of Houston (USA) for the next 10 to 16 weeks, I will have broadband of some kind but I’m expected to do some work so I will have to at least appear to do something to earn my wage.

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I had to fly from Heathrow to LA and then to Houston after 16 hours of travelling time I don’t feel that bad, now all I need to do is find a pub so I can get a drink.

One recommendation to anyone that has to go through airport security don’t take 3 laptops with you as they will make you power each of them up so they can see that it’s not a bomb, now I don’t mind doing it once but 3 times is taking the piss.

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Just out of curiosity were you forced to remove your shoes going through the metal detector? I'm so sick of all the airport security... funny thing is officials were still able to sneak the same amount of weapons onto planes as they were before the crazy security beef up.

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