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I'm having trouble installing ethereal.  I've used it before but my new laptop won't let it work.  And yes I have read there website, but what the hell does, "You'll either have to build from source or install UCD SNMP 4. 1. 2 or

later (with the same shared library version number as the

not-binary-compatible-with-earlier-Red-Hat-releases libsnmp that comes

with RH 6. 2). " mean.  I just wanna use this simple software? Any ideas?

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Maybe its that fact that ethereal has been replaced by Wireshark for years?

Na, too obvious.

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Umm... download and double click on the exe (yes, install winpcap), or type "apt get install wireshark", "yum install wireshark" or "cd /usr/ports/net/wireshark && make install wireshark". If your on windows you should know how to install things, and if  your using some form of *nix use the package manager as it takes care of all that stuff for you.

Edit 1:

And i've just twigged that your on a mac, so you will need to install an X11 server and use the GTK version. Have a look at http://trac.macosforge.org/projects/macports/wiki

Edit 2:

I misread the above  post by DarkBlueBox

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