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Open mail ports on non-mail server pc.


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I recently did a Nmap scan of my Vista laptop from my Win XP Pro desktop (nmap -v -v -sT xx. xx. xx. xx) and it showed ports 21, 25, 110, 119, 143 open.  i dont have a mail or FTP server on my laptop, nor do i use an email client or FTP program.  i tried deleting those portopenings through netsh and adding a firewall rule to block those ports.  i reran the same scan and it still showed them open.  i dont know why those ports are open, but i would like to pass the nmap scan with no open ports.  Thanks in advance.

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I ran the same nmap scan (nmap -v -v -sT xx.xx.xx.xx) from BackTrack2 and it did not show any open ports on my laptop. I believe BackTrack2 over windows, but any ideas why scanning with nmap from windows shows mail ports open?
just a guess...

1. nmap wan't created to run on windows just ported over

2. the winodws TCP/IP stack is t3h suck

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