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Hi Guys,

Just been going through my Hak5 videos and I can't seem to find the episode I am after. It's the episode where the guys where playing around with a 'really small' pc (not sure of technical term) I belive it had an on board flanless CPU.

Anyway I am looking at getting hold of one of these PC's so I can play around with it, am thinking of using a Flash Card to reduce power consumption etc this was also suggested on the episode (I belive SonicWall was mentioned)

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i know which segment ur talking about, it was when they moved into the new house, and were talking about the server in the cupboard, and they went through the form factor PC's and showed the power consumption of each, and the consumption of the Linksys, sorry at work atm so cant find it for you, but this may help someone else find it.

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I am not sure if it's Mini ATX, as I seem to remember the unit they where looking at didn't have room for a CD drive (even slimline) I could be wrong, as parts of the Mini ATX segment do seem familiar (e.g. the lack of network cards etc) I also remember the unit's PSU was in the form of an external power brick (so that kind of rules out the Mini ATX)

Dam this is annoying :D

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