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Ubuntu + Flashdrives = wtf?


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So I've taken to using an ubuntu disc for various tasks at work, and one thing is really beginning to piss me off. In windows, I can plug a flash drive in, wait until windows recognizes it, bung a file on, wait until the LED stops flashing and yank the stick out. No problem at all with this with any flash drive, even one I've used heavily since 2005. So when I repeat this on the same hardware running Ubuntu, it sees the drive straight away (plus), mounts it on the desktop (plus), I copy the file across, wait until the LED stops flashing, pull it and find that the disc contains nothing but zero length files (wtf?). It turns out I actually have to click a button to eject the thing, upon which it stops lieing and actually writes the data to disc?

I'm annoyed to say the least.

OSX will bitch about it, but it doesn't lie about the location of the file. Is it something to do with a janky HAL or does ubuntu cache file move writes on removable media? Can I fix it?

(yes, tried different everything, in a different room, in a different building)

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