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PDF Zero Day


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Since it is a Zero Day exploit, would a virus scan of a PDF show any exploit embeded in the document?

If someone was to try and exploit this in a pdf, how would you know before opening it?

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use foxit and hope for the best

Use xpdf and stop paying attention ;)

Agreed. Also I heard about this 2 days ago... its old news.

I don't care how old it is. I just wanted to know if there is a way to detect it. I will be setting up a clients site to take uploads, and PDF is one fo the file types he wants becasue they get movie scripts all the time. I already told him PDF is a bad idea to begin with, to just take them in plain text files or some other word doc like open office format. He insists on using PDF as most fo the people sending files are either in word or pdf. Word is another story, but hey, hes the boss, not me.

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Since we want to make sure the files are safe, is there a way to take all these docs in their different formats(doc, pdf, rtf, etc) and then just convert them on the server side to a plain text file for the user to rerview?

I see a few PHP Pdflib to convert html and text to pdf, but they do not seem to have one to deconstruct a pdf.(Or at least I did could nto find one)

I would imagine there has to be a way to do this in the corporate environment for making pdfs searchable/indexable in a database, etc, so there must be a way to convert it back to a plain text file.

edit: just realised google does this and usually gives you the option to "view in html" for a lot of formats, like pdf and word docs, so I will keep searching.

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