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star wars in dos????


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I was watching some things on youtube about telnet hacking and i stumbled across a movie more or less very very low quality video of star  wars episode 4 in dos. What you do is start you telnet by going into dos/cmd

type in telnet,

after that type in "o"

then the address  "towel.blineklights.nl"

and a kinda video of star wars is going.

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Been covered in another post before.It's just a telnet script that plays out like an animated cartoon in keyboard characters. You view it by logging onto the telnet server that is set to show the scripted cartoon/movie, etc. Dos is not even releavent, as its any telnet program(which on windows xp runs is a cmd window) of your choice that you can view it in, like PuTTy on windows, or just in a terminal telnet session on *nix.

If you want, just type

in the address bar of your web browser and it should launch telnet to the site. You misspelled the address for the site in your post, so anyone wanting to view it would not be able to connect. ;)
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Honestly who is still using Telnet? I have incoming and outgoing telnet connections on my modem blocked. I agree DarkBlueBox this is lame...

Your opionions... but have you been on the Hak5 BBS? Telnet in all its glory.

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