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Can I use other sites cookies on my site?


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oh son of a bitch, myspace is so fucked up!

Many sites that have user authentication store your username/name in a cookie...

they suckzor too

cookies should (almost) never contain user data

You should stop logging into these forums then. ;)

haha i like that :) i see no issue with storing the user name in a cookie, sure having there open pass, phone# or house address is wrong, but an ID or Display name, is nothing wrong.

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Would it be possable to use myspace's cookie that remembers your first name when you log into my webpage? So that a site you have never been to knows your first name?

Use a little scripting to do the same function, only set its output to a text file/log instead of an alert box and then retrive the data later. Maybe script it in PHP? Not sure how you would call the cookie from another domain though.

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Not sure how you would call the cookie from another domain though.


How would he do this then? Would he create a frame for myspace.com(hidden) within his page and then call the cookie data and it will return it for both his and the myspace site?

I thought XSS attacks would have to be where you insert the code to a script onto the target site, ex: he would have to insert some javascript into a myspace.com page that calls the script from another site, say in a comment box, etc. How can he do the reverse from his site?

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