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Hak.5 Radio's new site


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We are currently under construction on the new Hak.5 Radio website. Now all we need is the last touch. Our header area is a bit boring and we decided that banner ads would work perfectly right there. Now since we are all about 'Sticking it to the Man' we have come up with the following:

On Hak.5 Radio's new web site we are going to have rotating banner ads, Now these aren't your usual banner ads, since Hak.5 Radio is 'For the community, by the community' they will be YOUR banner ads, so get out your copy of photoshop or GIMP and whip up a banner at 600x80 and post it in here with a link of your choice to put behind the banner. When the site goes live, you'll be linked from the one, and only Community driven radio station's website on the net!

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This is a a great idea.

Are there any rules of what the banners have to look like, link to, etc.. ?

I'll update this post when I have a banner available.


The only rule is we have the final say, if it's not something that you would put up on a web site, we won't. But no, not many rules.

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