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Hak5 Community Rainbow Tables - Transfer of Ownership


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I can no longer sustain the rainbow table program due to college, and a definite lack of sustained housing for myself isn't helping. In short, I need a job and college.

Mike Pinkowish has offered to take up the program. He has been dedicated in helping all along with hardware, storage space, and FTP management. I'm sorry I can't do it anymore, but its been great working with all of you. I made a lot of memories, and will never forget the friendships I made with people around the world.

Hopefully I can stop into the IRC sometimes. I have a definite lack of internet access where I am, but I'll try.

Questions? Email me at silivrenion@gmail.com.

Thanks to all of you,

Steve Morley

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Hello everyone.

Starting on August 26th I plan to resume the validation of the NTLM hashes and the free (sans-shipping) mail-in service for hard drives with the 120GB rainbow table of LM hashes.

I will be in #rainbowtables as often as I can and my email address is mikedpink@gmail.com  I want this transfer to go as smoothly as possible so that this program can recover.  At this time, I am considering tacking on a small service fee along with the shipping fee for the mail-in program for the 300GB NTLM rainbow tables.  Any opinions on this proposition would be appreciated.

I just want to thank Steve for everything he's done for the project.  I know what it's like when you have to leave a project you started.

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