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How I got $20 off my Newegg order without a Coupon


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So I wanted a Core 2 Duo e4300 and don't want to wait till the 22nd for my chip. Figured I'd do a little social engineering...

Here's my chat log with Sales... Forgive my mis-spellings...

Chat InformationPlease wait while we connect you to a Newegg representative.

Chat InformationThank you for contacting Newegg. My name is Lan. How may I assist you today?

chris: Hi Lan I have a question

Lan: Sure, what is the question?

chris: Do you PM?

chris: (price match) ZipZoomFly has the Core 2 Duo e4300 for $119

chris: newegg is $125

Lan: Unfortunately, we do not price match with any other companies.  However, if you do place the order, I can make this one time exception to discount $6 for you to match it.

chris: That's less than the googlecheckout offer... hmph

chris: I guess I'm might go with zip...

chris: *I

Lan: I'm confused.  Isn't discounting $6 for you matching the price of $119?

chris: With Google Checkout on Zip (orders over $50 you get $10 off first purchase)...

Lan: So that would be $16 difference?

chris: ... PM generally means that you get a better price...

chris: yeah... They have free shipping as well...

chris: Ground like you guys

Lan: Ok, so all together how much would it be if you place it with them?

chris: $119 no tax -10 for google checkout $109...

chris: buy.com uses google checkout too...

chris: btw... thanks for taking the time to help me out

chris: I've just always use newegg... but want to get the best deal

chris: *used

Lan: The best I can do is discount $20 for you.

chris: So that'd be $105?

chris: That's excellent!

chris: How should I go about this? It's added to my cart, do I get a promo code for $20?

chris: hello?

Lan: I will need to manually discount it for you.

Lan: Please, place the order and give me the order#.  Once I have the order#, I will apply the discount for you.

chris: Thanks! Will do... hold on

Lan: Sure.

chris: Does it take a little bit to show up in the back end?

chris: As in I placed it and got the confirmation page... but when I go into my account to see order status I don't see any orders

chris: Nevermind it just came up

chris: order XXXXXXXX

Lan: Let me take a look into that......one moment please.

Lan: Ok, I have discounted the total.  You can view the update online under "my account."

chris: Excellent! Thank you very much for you assistance today!

chris: Now is that credited back to my card or is that a credit?

Lan: It got discounted off the order.  Therefore, you will only be charged $105.

chris: I see... thanks so much!

chris: Now I don't have to wait till the 22nd price cuts...

chris: Adios!

So there you have it, I've done this twice. They don't seem very opposed to it. The July 22nd price cut for the chip is $113, so I cut out $8 bucks and shipping and wait time.

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so you confused the heck out of the newegg person and he just gave up and gave you $20 off your purchase? That sounds cool, I won't do it though, I would most likely mess up somewhere.

Is that myth busters on your avatar?

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