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Reroute audio output to microphone input


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No Programs Jump to Mind, but you could try a Jack to Jack Cable.

That could cause a lot of interference, I remember somebody asking a similar question not too long ago, have you tried searching the forum?

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There is a program called Virtual Audio Cable that will do exactly what you want it can create multiple virtual cables that can stream audio between applications but it isn't free it costs $49. You can get a trial but it sucks you can only make 1 cable and after 3 minutes of usage the audio becomes distorted. 

You could also try hooking up an ipod or mp3 player or even another pc to your mic input and play it that way, just an idea.

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What os and sound card do you have? Windows should allow you to record a wav of the audio you hear coming from your pc with NO out and back in to the sound card. Going out and back in would cause a stereo loop of feedback and continuos overload of the audio getting louder and louder.

If you have something like soundforge to record wav files(or cool edit, andy wav editor, etc) just set up your sound cards record settings to record either from "wav", "stereo mix" or a setting of "what you hear" if it is listed. Then record whatever it is you want to play from the desktop or other programs while hitting record in your wav editor. You will have to adjust the record levels so they don't clip into the red though. A few trials and you should have a nice setting for the sound levels.

I do this all the time when I need to edit a sound from a program or sample something from a website or whatever is playing on my pc. The only problem with this is if you have sound effects for things, like when you minimize your windows, etc, they will be recorded. Any sound you pc makes will be recorded to the wav editior, unless specified directly, like from a cd source or line in.

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Team Fortress Classic?  I know there are programs for CS that allow you to play music in game, I"m sure you could use one of those to mic spam in  TFC

You know, I totally missed what he was asking. I thought he wanted a way to record audio from what was playing in the background of his computer... :oops:

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