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Decrypting a file if RC4 key is avaiable


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Does anyone know how to decrypt a file if it is encrypted using RC4 and I am having its Key!!

How to do it ?

Pretty simple.  This is a windows program, download it and use command line to run.

The syntax for this version is of rc4 is:

rc4 key inFile outFile

hxxp: www. dslreports. com/r0/download/994162~acb685196365a7a25e865252b1b62cf0/RC4. zip

One thing to make sure of, double check that the encrypted file isn't marked "Read Only"

If you are using Linux or Mac, you can download and compile this:

hxxp: www. uqtr. ca/~delisle/Crypto/codes/rc4/rc4. c

I compiled it on my box like this:

1.  put rc4. c in a folder on your linux box.

2.  type:

cc rc4. c -o rc4

3.  done

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Well, I didn't mean to step on toes or create apprehension . If anyone wants to verify the zip file download they can goto dslreports.com > forums > vonage (under Voice Over IP - VOIP). In this forum, look for the thread "[Vonage] SIP credentials, RTP300, GPP_K?" (you may have to take the search past 60 days) and in that thread you can goto page 3 and scroll down about 2/3 and look for a post by "rizzo2dial". You will also see my handle there as I'm a regular.

BTW - I found this forum by the people who run this site via their great videos! Stumbled on them in YouTube. Keep up the great work!

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