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  1. My setup is WinXP Pro w/SP2 and only the .net framework 1.1 and 2 loaded - no other updates. Downloaded the latest Java and Flash as of this writing, followed the instructions posted by MoparMan and the link by Haldrie and it's running great. I walked away for maybe an hour (?) and a popup was waiting for me; "Are you still there?". Something else to signup for that will give uninterrupted service. I'll wait for the next time and find out what is needed. One feature request, if possible - the ability NOT to convert to MP3 and/or NOT to delete the MP4 and/or the WAV file. (MP4's are good for me) Kudos to the author!!! Thank you VERY much! Edit - seems you need a $36/yr subscription to get around the "Are you still there" every half hour or hour.
  2. Guess it is time to think that the onboard IDE is bad.... Try the PCI IDE......
  3. Then as long as it is set to CS and the drive spins, you should be OK. Also, all devices should be CS in that era. Best way to start is just put on the HD. If you get past that, add the CD-ROM and others as needed.
  4. From the root login, goto Users2 > pao and you can find many old and recent photographs NASA has taken from Apollo missions to the MIR spacestation to Mars photos. Many are high quality. I think the pao is the Public Affairs Office, which distributes these kinds of publicity photos.
  5. MS licensing is long and complicated. From the licensing seminars I've been too, most of the talk is per connection/user. If you are moving people away from Office, those licenses you free up should be able to be counted against the users in the remote session. Most of the issues surrounding licensing is your intent. If the BSA came to your business and did an audit, they are looking more for pirated software and software grossly misused. (like buying one copy and installing it 5 times) I've been to many MS seminars and the speakers will sometimes contradict themselves from show to show with regards to licensing and different scenarios. VMs and remote sessions usually cause the most confusion and different answers. So the short of it is, if you are trying to have the licenses for each user on file - you should be OK.
  6. Check his/her user properties > dial-in and make sure the radio button "Control access through Remote Access Policy" is checked. You can also select "Allow access" to bypass AD and use it to test any other possible restrictions set.
  7. Most of the older Dells require the hard drive jumped to CS - Cable Select. If you have it set to Master or Slave just change it and it should work. Also, some older Dells can only "see" smaller drives, so try an 8G or something.
  8. Holy Cow - all my keygen activity is there... :shock: Gonna have to clean this up - lucky I'm the admin LOL
  9. Well, I didn't mean to step on toes or create apprehension . If anyone wants to verify the zip file download they can goto dslreports.com > forums > vonage (under Voice Over IP - VOIP). In this forum, look for the thread "[Vonage] SIP credentials, RTP300, GPP_K?" (you may have to take the search past 60 days) and in that thread you can goto page 3 and scroll down about 2/3 and look for a post by "rizzo2dial". You will also see my handle there as I'm a regular. BTW - I found this forum by the people who run this site via their great videos! Stumbled on them in YouTube. Keep up the great work!
  10. Pretty simple. This is a windows program, download it and use command line to run. The syntax for this version is of rc4 is: rc4 key inFile outFile hxxp: www. dslreports. com/r0/download/994162~acb685196365a7a25e865252b1b62cf0/RC4. zip One thing to make sure of, double check that the encrypted file isn't marked "Read Only" If you are using Linux or Mac, you can download and compile this: hxxp: www. uqtr. ca/~delisle/Crypto/codes/rc4/rc4. c I compiled it on my box like this: 1. put rc4. c in a folder on your linux box. 2. type: cc rc4. c -o rc4 3. done
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