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hei i just started watching this show and i swa episode 6, the one with the coding challenge and i personaly thought it was pretty easy, it's jut your basic arangements algoritm with a fiou modifications.

i live in romania (a country you probebly never herd about) and here we have a contest (i do not now if you have it hase well) it is called Mr.  pi(P)

and it is basicly about a bunch of couders given the saime tipe on a pc with 1 hour for tiping coude and 2 houers for rendering it in order to see who can calculate the moust digits for the number pi(P) and it is relly cool becouse here it is all about whoos program  uses the compuer's memory the waisest, in caise you do not knou the number pi(P) is aproximetly 3. 1416 and the method for calculaiting it is:4/1-4/3+4/5-4/7+4/9-4/11. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

the callenge (should you exept it) is who can calculate the moust digits of the number pi(P), the scoring is:nr of digits/rendering time (in seconds)

the hiest score wins  (you are ounly aloud c++)

please excuse the gramer (we do not learn english at school) i lurned from TV 8

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