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  1. [me=killzone]= duh! ...sorry about that, I didnt read teh entire article i stumbled upon it looking up the DYI jet bike on there.[/me]
  2. It's actually 1/2" fiberboard (shit is like concrete) and ventilation is still to be added, im probubbly gonna cover it with that material they put on sub enclosures and some aluminum corners and edges. The spacing is actually std. the resolution is just terrible.
  3. Metatron: Im not planning on more then 100lbs of equip in it, and none of it is very expensive (unlike most of your equip im sure). The fiber board its constructed of is really tuff 1/2" stuff, it sheared 2 stainless screws w/out pre - drilling on test pieces, also the rails are bolted threw and threw with high grade steel 3/8" bolts, 8 per side, each capable of holding a lot of weight and distributing the load pretty well, and the whole thing is assembled with stainless brackets and bolts at every corner. However if it seems like it cant handle the full load ill simply build a stainless f
  4. Hey All: I finally got over to my home away form home and assembled the 19" rack I've been working on forever. It cost less then $100 in materials, and about 5hrs to fab and assemble. I'll work on finishing the diagram / instructions this week. Its doesn't have any of the finishing work done on it Door, ventilation, ect. **EDIT** maybe some spec would be nice eh>? 19" X 25" X 52>?" 24 rack space (24U, 24RU) 42" tall - Powder coated carbon steel :) Tapped 10-32 UNF holes for rack equipment All Fiber board stainless brackets (ill proved an exact brand later)
  5. The following is a step by step procedure for what you are attempting http://www.instructables.com/id/EB07UWNF35J1NJF/ I got this from hackaday.com
  6. Here are the Official Intel PDF and an Erreta table: http://www.geek.com/images/geeknews/2006Ja...01_21__full.gif http://download.intel.com/design/processor...dt/31327914.pdf I know its not a hack, but its good info, and could be used thusly.
  7. sorry for the delayed response.......fishing trip! GL with the cluster, Ive never had a need for one, though i have done some distributed computing before for dev classes. Post some stuff it you get it up and running. -KZ
  8. Now im confused do you want help building a rack or setting up / maintaining a network >? :-?
  9. Nice Java-fu coop, you beet me to it.....is there a need for exception handling here, like if it comes across an ext that it doesn't recognize as an ext >? Maybe not as your ignore case may be enough.
  10. While ( Romanian_Chicks == HOTT ) { Cout << "WOOT" << endl; } Of course we have heard of Romania, Dracula's from there ROFL j/k.
  11. HAHAHA!!!! Your computer pile looks like mine! same gateways and all......are you shopping at your local schools dumpster too! :shock:. Since you have towers and not rack mount cases you may want to rethink how you want to proceed with your project. An ok RM case is about $50 + so at $150 + it'll cost you more to to buy cases then build the rack. Course if your not on a budget go for it and swap 'em over. The Rack im building has about 42 u of actual rack space, and will have a 22" - 28" empty space at the bottom to accommodate towers. You can get rack brackets in sises ranging from 8U
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