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Enable/Disable U3


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hey guys,

Here is my payload as it stands (not all of it, just certain files):


I also have a BAT file which renames the go.cmd to go1.cmd, in order to deactivate/activate the payload.

I am wondering of a way that I could do a similar thing but with the U3 Launchpad, so that it can either be 100% silent when plugging in, or display the launchpad.

Hope you guys can help,


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I will agree that the U3 menu system is crap, PStart is much better in my opinion. This is for three main reasons, Firstly I have over 30 applications I run from my USB and the U3 menu gives me no way to organise these where as PStart does. Secondly PStart uses less than half the system resources that the U3 menu does. Finally I can add programs to the PStart menu without turning them into a .u3p first which for me is almost all of my applications. This is just my opinion and this is what works for me, which may not be what works for you.

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Good point.

I guess the worry is that people who are used to the U3 launcher could suspect something or realized that you have modified the USB stick when seeing this pstart load up rather than the U3 launcher they are used to.

To be honest, I don't use the USB stick for portable applications at all, but just for the switchblade and storing/moving temp documents, so I will go with the majority for GonZor's next release.

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i prefere the portable apps menu cos it looks better, and you dont have to make a pointer to each and every prog you add (sorry i'm just friggin lazy ok)

tho i'd love the organise option pstart has, and hope they'll add it to portable apps inn the future .

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I think pstart isn't so good to install it. few things are good in original launchpad:

-red "button" on desktop

-one click ideology and disappearing menu when clicked elswere

-password protecion

-u3 installations are easier to handle

If these things were in Pstrart, I would use it. Of course original launchpad isn't perfect, hangs in memory for no reason, only 8 items in menu visible.

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