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  1. This looks like it'd make a great module (if adding a bluetooth adaptor): https://github.com/hexway/apple_bleee
  2. You want to upload ip.shtml somewhere on the web, and then in Gonzor's exe, tell it the URL of where it is.
  3. Merry christmas guys, You'll enjoy v3, we promise!
  4. Someone who is too unintelligent to understand anything like U3 technology, Gonzor's clear instructions, rpk's clear instructions on where to find gonzors payload, does NOT deserve to use gonzor's payload. Gonzor's payload is awesome, and i do not think it should be available to idiots. Im not pointing fingers, I'm just saying. A lot of work went in to this, for non profit, education, and for other's fun. Please obay the devteam, and let us help you, and try to have common sense. Can we all move on ?
  5. OK, did some testing today. I worked out that disabling the network dump and the messenger dump prevents the no disk error. There may be other things which cause it, but please see my screenshot above to see which options I am not using anyway, and therefore didn't test. As far as I know, the "no disk" error is given if the network passwords dump and messenger passwords dump are on. If just one of them is on, one "no disk" error will occur. If both are on, two will occur. If neither is on, it is completely silent, (with my AV disabled to stop an alarm when SBS.exe is called).
  6. Cool, seems a nice solution to the time of dumping the logs. I guess you would make it delete the payload when it is finished?
  7. Yeah, or just hit CTRL ALT DEL twice when logging in normally to access the username input screen.
  8. GonZor, since the last release, I now get the "no disk" error. I believe the options are Try Again, Continue, and something else, or something similar. I did it on a friends PC, and didn't have enough time to grab a screenshot, just enough time to click continue, and pull the thing out. The machine was running Vista. I will try to get you any other specs that I can, but I believe I get this error on my other friends laptop too, also with Vista. Here is the screenshot of my SBConfig setup: http://brapperbrap.tripod.com/sb.png However, all that was dumped was: System Info External IP V
  9. And soon our new IP updater will be done (yeah I know, Its taken ages to get finished. I have been really busy and my main computer has died, I'm still in the process of fixing it.) No worries. My end is pretty much done, just a small amount of tidying up needs to be done. Hey, I appreciate the payload anyway, and understand we all live lives away from the computer. (Most of us.) So no rush at all GonZor, hope all is well :).
  10. Hrrm. I've tried both "hacked" and "easy" as VNC passwords with no success. Did I miss another VNC password, specified elsewhere or later in the topic? EDIT: Found a reference in the Tutorial topic to "yougothacked", which worked. Thanks, -dr. k I was the one with my friend who modified the reg file for the password "easy". The problem was, in the actual VNC Server, the password limit was 8 characters long, and therefore "yougothacked" sometimes screwed up in the registery. We then changed it to something easy to remember, "easy". I am not sure what reg file you are using, but we
  11. Nice tutorial and opinions on the RATs. External IP dumper FTW!
  12. Have you tried to turn on/off autostart in the actual U3 software itself?
  13. marc

    Enable/Disable U3

    Good point. I guess the worry is that people who are used to the U3 launcher could suspect something or realized that you have modified the USB stick when seeing this pstart load up rather than the U3 launcher they are used to. To be honest, I don't use the USB stick for portable applications at all, but just for the switchblade and storing/moving temp documents, so I will go with the majority for GonZor's next release.
  14. marc

    Enable/Disable U3

    Thanks for the help there remkow. My mistake though. I actually meant "explain" as in "explain why this is your opinion," not to explain what he meant.
  15. I would prefer the U3, although I will go happily with the majority :).
  16. As always, an awesome revision to the payload. I cant wait for all our new features and that. I vote for the dyndns with VNC. As much as our updated reg file works, its hopeless without someone being in DMZ or no forwarding.
  17. Whoa. All magicians in the house, give me your MSN Messenger (preferably, or iChat/AIM) addresses ! Sorry, for this offtopic stuff. Me and Gonzor are working on a new part of the payload. I wont give much away, I'll let Gonzor do that, but it seems to be quite useful, and I'm sure more will be told as we develop it.
  18. Same here Erdnase. I've been a semi-professional working magician from a 14 year interest in magic :).
  19. Some websites regarding this error: http://wook.wordpress.com/2007/06/25/excep...6bf9c-75b6bf9c/ http://forums.techguy.org/business-applica...ocessing-3.html http://my.opera.com/opera-usb/forums/topic.dml?id=187458 Seems something to do with Norton and/or quicktime. Can everyone who is getting this error please tell me what AV they have (if any), and their status with quicktime being installed?
  20. darkjoker, I received that error a few times, but mainly in a media centre PC. What OS gives you that? A google search seems to show results for all kinds of USB devices, and therefore I do not think its the payload that gives that problem. Erdnase, can I guess where you got your nickname from? Anything to do with S.W.Erdnase's expert at the card table?
  21. hey guys, Here is my payload as it stands (not all of it, just certain files): http://www.marc.ph/switchblade I also have a BAT file which renames the go.cmd to go1.cmd, in order to deactivate/activate the payload. I am wondering of a way that I could do a similar thing but with the U3 Launchpad, so that it can either be 100% silent when plugging in, or display the launchpad. Hope you guys can help, Marc
  22. marc

    SAM dump problems

    My stupidity. I kept the other files in the same DIR as the pwdump.exe, not in the calling directory.
  23. marc

    SAM dump problems

    Sorry, I forgot to mention. I have tried this on multiple machines, all with the same error. Some have AV's, some don't. All give the same error.
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