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I don't know really what made me want to look at the source of this softwares homepage, I guess I just don't trust any site with a big flashing download button on it. Any way, this made me smile:

<BODY background="iTinySoft Magic Morph - Home.files/bg_main_01.gif" leftMargin=0 topMargin=0><!-- start of header -->

From a technical standpoint the site seems safe enough (at least with out downloading exe's) not a smidgen of javascript in sight.

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I knwo I have said it before but Camtasia will do SWF from avi and mpegs, etc. Th enice thing I like about camtasia is it also lets you edit the clips, add popups and overlays, etc, as well as splice several of them together. It also does the html side when generating the swf files so all you do is upload the folder and point people to the webpage.

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I have a felling Sparda is right, don't trust anything with a flashing "Free Download."

The software appears to be (poorly) rebranded warez,  For instance "Total Video Player" is Winamp with the default skin modified to say "Total Video Pro".  Your best off, finding who really makes that software and using that version.


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If you want to do any sort of editing/splicing/etc then these are not what you want, but if all you want to do is convert from one format to aother or to just re-compress a file then I would look at any of the following ..

Media Coder: http://www.mediacoder.cn/

SUPER http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html#Dnload

Either of those will most likely do any conversion you are interested in. They do everything I could ever ask except flv to avi, for that I would go with Dr. DivX OSS http://labs.divx.com/DrDivX but (flv --> avi) is the only conversion I wouldn't recommend either of the other two for.

For any simple editing before the conversion to swf I recommend Virtual Dub http://www.virtualdub.org/ or one of it's variants Virtual Dub Mod, Virtual Dub MPEG-2, etc.

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