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Stupid windows install :(


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Help, im a n00b and i cant get up! lol.

I dual boot Mandriva and WinXP. Every so often (about a year) I feel the need to reinstall windows and clean it out. So I did that today, tweaked a few things, installed drivers and rebooted.. only to notice that my grub wasent there! I dident think that installing windows on side of a partitioned drive would wipe out the boot loader, but i guess it did. Does anyone know how I would install a bootloader with out having to reinstall another OS?

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I had this problem A LONG TIME AGO lol. So I don't remember all the steps but I know it's stupid proof because I remember I could do it lol. Go download Super Grub Disk. It's a boot cd that's made to fix problems with grub in a dual boot machine. Try it let me know what you think.

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wow guy's, thanks for the quick Serious quality answers! :)

Im gonna check out both GAG, and Super Grub Disk tomaro and i'll post my findings.

thanks again! Anyone else with suggestions or anything else neat in this realm PostIT!

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