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I made this box with a 4 port USB/3 port firewire hub in it. I mounted three USB ports on the front with 3 USB extension cables that I took a chunk out of to make shorter and the fourth port will go to an iPod dock on the top (when I can track down a cheap iPod cable). The firewire ports are for future uses. Anyway this was my first project and was wondering what you thought. What did I do wrong? What did I do right?

Pricelist: USB/Firwire Hub $25.00

3 USB cables @ $2.50 each $7.50

Paint $3.00 ish

1/4" MDF $3.00 ish

Total: $38.50 + tax

Here are some pics.




Oh and before I forget:

/block Sparda's sarcastic comments

P.S. Why is my post so big?

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It looks ok, I suppose. I don't really understand what its function is though, it seems you've just made a USB hub less compact? Your post is so big because some javascript resized the images, but for some reason the post still takes up the amount of space it would have done without the resizing.

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its ok, makes sence, and for a first project, its fine, though for ur next one, i suggest experiment with soldering cables, using less paint (will make sure u dont get the tacky drip look. now all u need to do, is wire in a few mini speakers, i volume control, and a IR port :P

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