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Update problem


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For some reason, you have managed to fill the udisk storage to 100%

This is the basic structure of the Croc udisk

You have to try to remember what you have actively stored on the udisk, either by using a payload (that most likely stores things in the "loot" directory) or tools that you for might have copied to the "tools" directory that hasn't been deleted for some reason, or anything else in the root or directories on the udisk


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the root directory looks fully normal to my eye i know what you mean with the directory structure but ive read that at first when i had that problem couldnt find anything helpful 

and the only things ive stored on the keycrock where the update file nothing else i even revoed the examplepayload

 isnt there a command for reseting the storage or something? i cannot find one in the documentation 

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5 minutes ago, hackerzero000 said:

do i have to go to udisk

You can't be positioned on a mounted udisk if you at the same time want to format it.

5 minutes ago, hackerzero000 said:

all files will be removed

All files on the >udisk< (i.e. /dev/nandf), not all files in the Croc file system.

However... if you don't want to do that and it seems too risky for you, then you have to revert to what I previously suggested and examine all of what's stored on the udisk and decide what should be there or not in order to free the storage space needed.

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