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  1. Hi all! i was finally successful in upgrading my key croc FW to v1.4 but i had a lot of issues like hackerzero000 when trying on MacOS, when i was uploading the firmware archive to the udisk, and verifiying the checksum after download AND after transfering the file on the udisk than proceded with the reboot, nothing append after trying diferent things, like re transfering the FW or renaming it, i got to a point where there was no space left on the udisk. so in my mac terminal i list the files on the root of the udisk and see an hidden folder .Trashes but it seem i dont have permissions to remove it i then proceeded with a full reset but to my surprise it dont touch the udisk at all so after a little reasearch on the forum i see that hackerzero000 has the same issue and hes also on MacOS so i spin a VM of windows and plug the croc. First, now im able to go inside the .trashes and delete all the previously deleted files from all the attempts on my mac after that, i had enough space to retry the update process but this time, i did it from start to end on windows and it went smootly hope this can help someone 😉
  2. I will post a new thread about this i found the issue
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